Our team of consultants offers the following services:

Risk analysis & Audit of existing and necessary insurance policies

Depending on the industry in which you operate, we analyze the risks arising from your business activity.

Our team of experts can analyze the insurance policies already taken out to ensure that they correctly cover the risks to which the business is exposed, can offer alternatives for improvement, and will bring additions with new insurable risks (if applicable).


Customized solutions plan of mitigation for insurable risks

As experts in insurable risk management, we develop customized products according to the risk exposure of the business and each step of development: Management, Operations, Financial, HR, IT, Legal, Marketing.


Loss Management

During the claims process, we provide specialized assistance to our clients in collaboration with insurance companies for:

  • establishing the damage
  • collecting the necessary documents to complete the claims file
  • calculation of the compensation amount according to the insurance conditions.

Risk Optimization Consulting and minimization of associated costs

From the very beginning of our collaboration, we analyze the activity of our clients in order to identify risk improvement solutions according to the activity and risk exposure of each individual client.

Depending on the need, we collaborate with third-party specialists to improve and protect against risks, specific to each field.

Figures & Results

Claims files
2.755.000 EUR
Requested amounts
2.105.000 EUR
Paid amounts
650.000 EUR
Files in progress