Watch the materials that the RMN360 experts have prepared for you.

#1 Știați că asigurarea afacerii se bazează pe analiza riscurilor din activitate?

In order to correctly define a business insurance policy, it is first necessary to identify the general risks and those specific to the respective activity, after quantify them, and develop an insurance program adapted to the needs.

#2 Știați că dezvoltarea unui program de asigurare presupune cunoașterea industriei?

Your insurance consultant needs to understand the industry your company is a part of in order to develop an insurance program tailored to your needs.

#3 Știați că valoarea asigurată este un element important? Partea 1

When we think about buildings, land, machines, machinery, equipment, or furniture what do you want to recover in case of damage? The replacement value or the real value?

#4 Știați că valoarea asigurată este un element important? Partea 2

How to set the insured value for stocks? Depending on what exactly we include in this value (raw materials, goods in process of manufacture and finished product) it is necessary to include them correctly in the insurance policy.

#5 Știați că se poate asigura pierderea marjei de profit?

Loss of profit margin insurance, also known as business interruption insurance, is designed to protect your company from loss of gross margin (net profit + fixed expenses) if it is forced to temporarily close part of its business or in totality.

#6 Știați că asigurarea face parte din planul de continuitate a afacerii?

Every entrepreneur needs to build their business continuity plan to determine how the business will continue in the event of a risk.